Discovered The Advantages of More Calls and List Management

In commercial real estate brokerage, your lists of people, clients, prospects, and enquiries will now be the basis of business for the coming weeks and months as COVID-19 impacts the property market.

Necessarily your lists are an excellent way to keep in touch with people and identify what they are thinking and needing property investment. That’s where outbound calls will make all the difference in moving ahead. Who can you call and how can you do that?

Review Your List Now

Go over your lists to find the people you know, the VIP’s you want to work with, and those people you haven’t spoken with for some time. Telephone conversations will help you find the business you are seeking and the situations where you can help people. This is a new cycle in commercial real estate and the cycle will create some top agents. Your habits in making lots of calls should start right now.

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List Management

Proper list management will create advantages from matching property types to situations and circumstances. The best way to approach real estate opportunities now will be:

  1. Telephone calls
  2. Emails with attachments
  3. SMS with links
  4. Video ‘virtual’ inspections online
  5. Photo albums of properties online
  6. Video conferencing of meetings and matters relating to listings

So, there are plenty of things to do here in your brokerage activities as you work from home. Create discussions in your real estate activities and business. There are listings to find and people to help. Go over your lists and reconnect with people in simple ongoing telephone calls. There are lots of people you can call.

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Sales Activity is the Way Ahead

One thing to remember here is that the property market will be considered active in sales and purchasing activity over the coming 12 months. Leasing activity will be minimal. On that basis, you can concentrate all your efforts and conversations into local business groups, property ownership records, investors seeking to purchase, and business owners trying to sell or buy.

The top agents of the market now will be spending a lot of time talking to people and auditing their client and prospect lists. That is where the database process becomes invaluable and ultimately will give you the foundation of ongoing real estate opportunity.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large list of clients and prospects now, but it does matter what you do when it comes to who you are talking to each day and how you are keeping up your call momentum.

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Call Numbers Formula

How many calls could you make today given the change in the property market? Most agents should be able to call over 100 people per day for the foreseeable future. That is then 500 people per week. If you haven’t got that many people in your database list, then start calling through the business telephone book. Its there to use.

While it sounds a significant number, based on a five-day working week of eight-hour days, it is only approximately 13 calls per hour. Simple maths say that this is entirely possible. Organization and home-based activities will allow you to make the calls. Are you ready to win some new business?

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