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Proven Technology Tools for Home-Based Commercial Agents Today

Today in commercial real estate brokerage, we are fortunate, in that we have plenty of technology tools available to assist us in working from home.

In this infographic, we give you the four most important tools that you should be using every day to communicate with your clients and prospects.

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The real estate business has changed of course with the current COVID-19 health event; however, the real estate business has not ceased, and it will move in different ways.

Adapt and Thrive

How you adapt to that is very important over these coming weeks and months. Keep very active and make plenty of calls. Your phone and your email are the business tools of choice as you work from home.

Check out the infographic below and download.

infographic for tech tools in commercial real estate
Use these tools in commercial real estate comprehensively.

Plenty of People to Talk To

There will be plenty of opportunities out there to work with your clients requiring sales and buying activity.

What can you tap into? There will be people looking to purchase assets, sell some of their property portfolios, and reposition their money away from the share market.

So, you become the investment strategist of choice to put some stability back into your client’s cash flow, their investments, and their financial activity. Market yourself accordingly.

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