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Easy Ways for Writing Advertising Copy in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Writing a property advertisement should be easy if you follow the rules.   A good advert will attract more people and better inquiry; that’s the goal. 

Unfortunately, many brokers and agents ‘churn out’ the same old basic adverts and words for just about everything they promote and put the market.  Nothing is then special from a layout and promotional perspective.  If you have a good property to promote, then spend time on the advertising first and foremost.

Check Your Promotional Words

While you may think that your current ‘property words’ and vocabulary are adequate to pull in local people and prospects, the fact of the matter is that most property professionals overly use many standard words; the adverts are then ‘boring’ and of little attraction.   When a potential purchaser or tenant looks at the advertising, everything appears a bit ordinary.  That’s not good, especially if you work in a  competitive property market full of agents pitching and presenting properties to the buyer and tenant prospects that are out there.

So, if you want to attract the inquiry in your location, your words must be better and more specific to the property and its opportunity as it is tuned to the target market.  Select the best words to describe the property in a new and fresh way.

Finding Better Words for Your Advertising

You can find some better words to use through referring to a simple thesaurus.  You can install a thesaurus ‘app’ on your mobile phone or laptop so that you have it ready to use with any of your property advertising efforts.  Soon you will see how you can take your ‘overused’ and ordinary words and apply an alternative that is ‘fresher’ and tuned to the location or your targeted audience.

Words do matter in property marketing and will balance into your layouts and photographic images.  Here are some other ideas that you can apply to your promotional initiatives:

  1. Visit the property first, and particularly so to look at it from the perspective of the target market. Capture some features and perspectives that could feed into your property text and improvements description.
  2. Choose a target market that is relevant and local. Every property listing that you promote online or offline should ‘tune’ to the target market.  Understand what people are looking for in a local property and write the advert accordingly.
  3. Set a headline that is locally biased and target market relevant. The town or precinct for the property will be beneficial to the headline message.  Set some simple ‘dot points’ of features for the property.
  4. Look for a property ‘twist’ that can be story related and attract the local property people. The building or the property will likely have a history or image locally that can be interesting and eye catching.  The composition of the advert will be over some 3 or 4 sentences; don’t go ‘too far’ in overstating or saying too much about the property.
  5. Create an editorial that is locally ‘interesting.’ The local newspapers may not publish your editorial, but you can publish the text into your social media channels and your blogs.  Every exclusive listing promoted should include an editorial.  Use the editorial locally in every online portal possible.
  6. Get some keywords to feed into the advertisement. The attributes of the property will be useful in defining keywords that attract buyers and or tenants.  If you comprehensively inspected the property in the listing phase, you will have plenty of photos to refer to as you craft your promotional message.
  7. Use professional photographs to pull in the interest of the target market. Take the photographs at the beginning or the end of the day when the sun hits the frontage in full illumination.  You can enhance property photos visually by switching on the internal lights on at sunset or sunrise (based on property direction).

So you can do some specific things here to boost your property marketing efforts.  The important and key message here is that you are not ‘ordinary’ in promoting your exclusive listings.  Tell a valuable local story with all your quality properties.

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