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How You Can Thrive in a Slow Commercial Property Market

A decline or change in the local property market is a good opportunity for new business, if you approach it comprehensively and correctly. In today’s podcast, John Highman shares the ideas behind taking action in a property market that is slower than ‘normal’. Note: If you want the notes from this podcast and other real […]


Blueprint for Broker Progress and Fortune

In commercial real estate, it is easy to let the day take or shape its momentum; unfortunately, in doing that you lose too much time and cannot capture the transaction opportunities before other people.  Staying ahead of the competition is a vital part of commercial real estate advancement at a personal level. Note: Do you […]

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The Action Plan to Reach More New Clients Today

In the podcast today, we share information and strategies to help you connect with more new clients as this changing market takes hold. Know that the people and the properties are still out there for activity; it is just that the motivations and the timing are different Victory and superiority are good targets to work […]


Easy to Implement Business Solutions in Commercial Real Estate During COVID-19

So, the commercial real estate market is changing because of the COVID-19 health event.  You can adjust your business methods. The goalposts have moved, and yes, we must do business differently now and for the foreseeable future.  The people are still out there; they may be thinking a bit differently, but they still need your […]

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