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How to Expand Your Career and Business Potential in Commercial Real Estate

Where are the opportunities in commercial real estate in your town or city?  There are lots of listings to identify, and clients to work with; in every town or city, that is the case.  That is why the systemized approach to an agent focus and brokerage activities will always be a priority.  The top agents […]

The Moment of Truth in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, lots of things matter, but some more than others. There is a ‘moment of truth’ that many people come across eventually. In this article, you can see if you have reached that turning-point, and determine what you can do about it. You could say it is all about ‘business generation’. […]

Personal Career Plan in Commercial Real Estate

When you work as a commercial real estate broker or agent, there are plenty of things to do and many other things to balance out. Somewhere in all of that is the need for simplicity. Simplicity drives results. Complexity in commercial real estate is a bad thing. It pays to plan your day and your […]

3 Things You Must Know About Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many things are or can be part of a formula for success in commercial real estate, however, just a few of those things will be part of the ‘base plan’ or the foundation for getting results.  In fact, you cannot do without those basic activities if your career is to have any reasonable chance of […]

13 Key Skills Sets to a Successful Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency

A career in commercial real estate agency can be very rewarding for those that work to a plan and develop a real focus on self-improvement.  It is a fact that the commissions made from a single transaction can be very significant however they don’t come easily.  A client has to trust an agent and respect […]

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