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3 Things You Must Know About Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many things are or can be part of a formula for success in commercial real estate, however, just a few of those things will be part of the ‘base plan’ or the foundation for getting results.  In fact, you cannot do without those basic activities if your career is to have any reasonable chance of solid success.

Are you ready for a career improvement or lift?  Here then is a ‘base business model’ that should be understood and incorporated into any real estate career and particularly so in brokerage:

  1. SHIFT: You cannot change personal results with commissions, clients, and listings without changing your personal actions taken in a permanent and long-term way.
  2. ACT: You cannot change and lift those actions without a shift in daily habits.
  3. THINK: A change in personal habits will not occur without a change in mindset.

If you get these things under control, then your career will have a great chance of upward movement.


Commercial Real Estate Career Focus

Focus on what you think and do; get all of these three things under control.  That is the pathway to real estate success.  There is a saying in business that goes something like this:

‘Your ability to achieve results as a broker or agent will be driven by your belief that you are under control’.

So, you can take this to the final fact and requirement of achieving personal control.   How can you get your business day and your actions under control?  That control drives core actions and particularly into the central factors of listings, clients, and commissions.   Nothing changes until you change your habits and actions taken each day with the primary elements of your real estate business!

You can have all the knowledge in the industry, but without directed action taken in a regular way, the results will not activate or convert.  Luck has nothing to do with a prosperous career in commercial real estate; habits are required.  Are you ready for the challenge?   Try reading this again and putting yourself into the equation; now you have a roadmap to business success in commercial property.

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