How to Simplify Your Commercial Real Estate Career with Brokerage Checklists

There is something here that I want you to understand and use as you proceed with your career.  I am a great believer in checklists in commercial real estate brokerage. They are a breeze to use and will help you convert more business.  NB – You can get our special reports on Commercial Real Estate Brokerage here.

How is that?  Some of the properties and the clients that we work with are complex and deep in detail.  Many issues about an asset or property situation can be difficult to find or question; perhaps all too easy to overlook.  When you have a specialized checklist for your property type and location, you can probe and question the important things that are going to impact the listing and marketing of the property.  You can avoid mistakes in the listing process.  You can be more professional in all ways possible.  That’s a good thing!

Questions and Answers Matter!

In any property listing and marketing process, plenty of questions will come your way, especially if the property is of quality and size.   You should be ready for those questions in every way possible.

Exercise caution in listing.  It should be said here that some clients will not share every detail about the property they want to list; perhaps they have overlooked a few important facts, or they just don’t want to tell the entire story.  Either way you have to be very careful as you bring a new property into your listing system, be that for sales or leasing.  Your questions and the answers that you work through really matter to the end result you are trying to achieve.

Do you need help with this?  In this short report I have given you the strategy behind using those checklists and how you can do it.

You can get the report right here.

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How to use checklists in commercial real estate brokerage sales and leasing.








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