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Where are the opportunities in commercial real estate in your town or city?  There are lots of listings to identify, and clients to work with; in every town or city, that is the case.  That is why the systemized approach to an agent focus and brokerage activities will always be a priority. 

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The top agents of the market are those that work to a ‘system’. That is so hard for some people as they struggle with what they have to do and what others want of them. In this podcast today we help you by sharing some ideas about how to boost your commercial real estate career. Ready for change and improvement? Have a listen to the podcast.

So let’s build a planned approach to brokerage. Look for the danger signs in what you do every day; you can get distracted, so don’t let that happen.  It is very easy to get distracted away from the things that matter with the new business generation, new clients, and new listing opportunity.