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In commercial real estate brokerage, your clients should be the foundation of your business. That then says you should be connecting with clients and prospects every day before you do anything else. That simple fact requires great discipline and habit building strategies. Today’s podcast is all about connecting with people so that business and leads are generated in real estate.

The best agents in the property market today are constantly connecting with their clients and with new prospects. They do that before they do anything else in their working day. 

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How do you start your working day?  Can you improve your client contact model and your prospecting strategies? Most agents can improve things when they consider taking small steps in a consistently positive way. This podcast will help you understand that, and create the habits that can help you drive your real estate business forward. 

If you’re looking for progress in your real estate business, spend more time on connecting with people as part of the start of your working day. Connecting will people will help you drive your real estate business forward directly and with greater momentum.

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