Useful Workflow for Sales Agents

In commercial real estate brokerage today, there are plenty of things that can shift your priorities every day. That is why you need a workflow or planner to keep on track.  The agents that use a workflow process always get better results than the ‘random’ agents of the real estate market. What is the problem […]

Brokerage Marketing

How I Find and Create Quality Listings

When you work in commercial real estate as a broker or agent, it pays to have a planned approach to finding high-quality listings.  In other words, your plan is not some random focus on a territory or property type. Today I will share how I do things with that. These ideas will help you with […]


Painless Daily Sales Plan for Brokers

In what ways can your sales strategy work for you, and how well does it collaborate results for you? Market your properties extensively, and communicate with your prospect list and other people on a daily basis. It is straightforward logic and procedure. Those regular connections and conversations assist you in generating new business opportunities. There is no […]


How You Can Build a Remarkable Real Estate Agent Plan

So, what does your real estate plan look like now? Given all the changes in the market today, there are things to think about and adjust to. All the changes in the property market and the economy of recent times would indicate that things should change for us in what we do as agents.  There […]

Brokerage Sales

How to Plan a Sales Day and Timetable

The commercial real estate brokerage process is quite specific when you think about it. You have your available time, your listings, and your clients. From that, you can establish a timetable approach to getting more results with your better listings. Improve your time and your activities to a system or focus each day. With good […]

Sales Videos

The Secrets to a World-Class Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, every broker and agent should have a sales plan that focuses activity into certain property types and client types each day. In this changing real estate market, a sales plan like that can help you engage with the right people in the right ways for the right reasons. In this […]

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