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The Great Advantages of a Career in Commercial and Retail Property Management

Some people overlook a career in commercial property management because of a lack of understanding.  They typically compare activities of general residential property management to that of commercial, industrial, and retail.  The fact is that the career directions are ‘poles apart’ in skills and activities. These are the facts.  A residential property manager usually manages […]

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The Best Sales versus Leasing Career Choices in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can focus on sales or leasing, or perhaps both. In saying that there are things to consider. I recommend that you choose your channel of opportunity and then go ‘hard at it’. Note: If you want more ideas about commercial real estate, you can get them here for free […]


Checklist for Building a Career in Commercial Real Estate Sales

To give momentum to your career in commercial real estate sales, certain things have to be done regularly and comprehensively. These are the things that require deliberate effort. Do you have what it takes to build some ‘sales habits’? In today’s podcast, we share some ideas about sales as a career and how you can […]

5 Exciting Steps to Help You Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Career Faster

Momentum is really important when you start your career in commercial real estate brokerage. Professional skills and local area knowledge will also help you with that required momentum. You will need a base plan to achieve the results that you are seeking over time as an agent or a broker. One thing to remember here […]

Be City Smart and Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Brokerage to Work For

You can waste a lot of time when you mistakenly choose the wrong real estate brokerage to work for.  There are major differences between some brokerages in commercial real estate today.  In undertaking a bit of selective questioning and research at the very beginning of your career you can make the best choices when it […]

Understanding the Pitfalls and Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you work in commercial real estate brokerage you soon understand the pitfalls and the advantages on offer.  If you want to succeed in the industry as a top agent or broker then it is time to consider the systems and strategies that you can implement; in entering the industry is important to remove the […]