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Top Real Estate Agent Planning

Where are you in your real estate career?   Would you like to give it a boost? You can do certain things in commercial real estate that will provide you with a market advantage. That is a real estate agent plan.

When you do those special things regularly and then expand on them, the real estate business grows. Put people and conversations at the centre of your real estate business.

The top real estate agents of the property market understand how to connect with people and build their real estate day around that process. But, of course, you can do the same. Are you ready for growth in your real estate business? Put some power and privilege into your activities as an agent.

Choices and Strategies

So, there are always choices for you to take. There are some opportunities and real estate transactions to be found. Where do you start with that?

Target groups of people, the owners of property types, and particular businesspeople in the location. That then becomes the real estate prospecting model that you can work with comprehensively over time.

What does a prospecting model look like?  Try these strategies.

  • Selecting areas and properties
  • Breaking down zones to priorities A, B, C
  • Creating relevance and information to use
  • Using a database to keep calls and contacts organised
  • Acting out the contact process
  • Selecting VIP people for new business
  • Tracking results with all contacts

Do you note the last point?  It is the most important for all agents, yet sadly, most agents struggle.

Shifts and Changes

Always remember that the requirement for property activity shifts and changes over time. You never really know when a particular person will need your services. Therefore, you can and should build your pipeline approach to connect with local people regularly throughout the year.

Real estate agents who excel in their fields are easy to spot. They do the things that other agents avoid; they know how to access property opportunities and the right clients.

Agent Timing

Real estate today is all about ‘timing’ and research.  Some things are also difficult to do because they require practise and diligence.  The property market belongs to the agents who stay on task and focused.  The best agents do not generalise; they specialise.  They then market themselves around that process.

The top agents of the market understand how to handle that requirement. They undertake the practice and ensure that their working day is fully optimised. You can do the same.

Most Agents

Most real estate agents are ordinary regarding business skills and new business conversion. However, there is some good news from that industry average. First, top agents are few and far between (2 in 10 is a typical ratio). Secondly, there is plenty of room for agents who work hard to rise to the top of the real estate market.

What distinguishes the best agents from the rest of the pack? It boils down to commitment and the right processes, and that’s all you need to know. Every day, they do the same thing. They learn what works best for them over time, and they do it every day. Then they ‘tune’ the process.

Listing Pipeline

Think about your property opportunities and your allocated territory or property types. Remove the random approach to your real estate prospecting and become very direct and diligent in what you do. If you can build consistency around that, you will find that a listing pipeline will take shape.

Enjoy the growth of your property possibilities. Pick your clients and pick your listings. Put exclusivity at the centre of the things that you are doing.

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