The 11 Key Factors of Importance In Choosing a Skilled Retail Shopping Center Manager Today

The process of managing a retail shopping center is quite special, and on that basis the experience and skills of the manager chosen for the property are very important.  The shopping center manager can ‘make or break’ the performance of the property. So why is this so?  You could say that the performance of a […]

The Right Way to Do a Tenant Mix Analysis in Retail Property or Shopping Centers

Tenant mix analysis is a critical part of property performance.  That is certainly the case in a retail property.  The correct tenant decisions will underpin property income, customer sales, and lower the vacancy rate. When you are involved in managing or leasing a shopping center, the tenant mix planning and strategy process will form part […]


The Secrets to a High Quality Retail Tenant Mix in a Shopping Center

When you are involved with a shopping centre from a leasing or management perspective, the tenant mix is something that you will spend a lot of time on.  Given that most leases exist for a number of years the changes to tenant and lease location take time to implement.  The changes that you make to […]

Accurate Tenant Mix Strategies in Shopping Centers

Retail leasing and particularly in shopping centers are specialised parts of our property industry. Those of us that know the processes would probably say that it is a most interesting part of the business.  I would agree. Some retail leasing specialists make very large brokerage commissions because they are focusing on some if not all […]

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