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A Guide to a Skilled Listing Presentation Pt 1

In commercial real estate, your listing presentations have to be well crafted and communicated. There are too many other agents out there chasing the same real estate business. Getting the message across to a client about what they need to do about their property or real estate need, and how you can help them is […]

Brokerage Marketing

7 Ways to Win Listing Presentations

Many agents don’t spend enough time planning their listing presentations. Today’s property market is so competitive, so we must adjust to that and work with it. Every real estate listing presentation should be unique with specific information and providing solid recommendations. To win more real estate business, your ideas in the listing presentation must be […]

Property Management

How to Develop Your Own Presentation Style in Commercial Property Management

In commercial property management, you should develop your professional presentation package to help you win new business with clients and prospect.  That package is to be relevant to your specialised services, and your capabilities.  It should be remembered that property management and the processes behind it are very different from that of sales and leasing; […]


Why You Should Concentrate on Converting More Exclusive Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Listings are everything in commercial real estate brokerage. Until you get your own listings and pipeline of listings underway, it will be a bit of a struggle.  You will need a consistent flow of quality listings to generate a reasonable commission over time; that fact cannot be avoided. It is also very easy to slip […]

How to Prepare for a Boardroom Presentation with Commercial Real Estate Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage today it is common for any agent to present services and real estate proposals within a boardroom setting.  The corporate clients that we work with frequently require comprehensive market information to be presented to a board of directors or group of business owners. Presenting and pitching to the client in […]

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