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Many agents don’t spend enough time planning their listing presentations. Today’s property market is so competitive, so we must adjust to that and work with it. Every real estate listing presentation should be unique with specific information and providing solid recommendations.

To win more real estate business, your ideas in the listing presentation must be aligned to the client and their property. All your recommendations should be specific and of a ‘higher level’ than what the other agents would offer. This says that you cannot be ordinary when you pitch your real estate services to a potential client. Each listing presentation has to be shaped for maximum results.

Listing Conversions Today

To convert more listing business, your listing presentations should be many things and you are the person to shape all of that. You know the client, their property, the current property market, and the recent levels of enquiry.

There are many things that you can say in a property presentation. However, the two most important ones are to ensure that you are ‘engaging’ and ‘strategic’. When you do that, your message to the client is hard to ignore. That puts you a lot closer to the client’s acceptance of the listing strategy that you have on offer.

Engaging the Clients Attention

How can you have an ‘engaging’ property presentation? It will be something that captures the clients thinking and attention across several levels. Those levels will be visual, verbal, and in their thinking. Telling stories about the property market and other listing situations of a similar nature today will be part of that.

How can you be ‘strategic’ in your real estate listing presentation? Work towards a timely campaign that moves through several stages and aligns with the target market. Clarity is important and simplicity around that will help. Are you quite clear on the target market for the property, and are you telling good stories about how you will reach that market?

real estate agent success in always possible when you plan your real estate listing presentations

Staging the Listing Pitch

Let’s look at some other staging factors for your next pitch for a listing. Think about these things and do so specifically for the client and asset.

  1. Ask plenty of questions that support the property conversation and can direct the clients thinking. You can always go a bit deeper in the questions, and from that, you will usually have some factors of opportunity to expand on.
  2. Get some photos from in and around the property. Put them on your tablet or laptop to use as you talk to the client. They will be helpful as a base of the conversation, and they can support your ideas. There may be some facts, features and strengths of the property that you can cover in those photos. The visual approach works well in any property presentation or discussion. Clients today always look more deeply at photos of their property, and those photos can convey a visual concept or idea quite well. If you have something to recommend to the client, then use some photos as part of that message.
  3. Review the greater location for any comparable properties in the area that should be discussed with your client. How long have those other properties been on the market? Could they have an impact on your new listing? What is the main method of marketing used for those properties, and could you get some leverage from that? It will be a good indicator of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing a property.
  4. Enquiry information and recent enquiry trends will be helpful in your listing presentation. Talk about what people are looking for now when it comes to a property to occupy or purchase. Think about how a property listing today can align with that enquiry. That is where your target marketing approach is constructive. Build your marketing around that.
  5. Provide timelines to your strategic approach for the client. A ‘visual date’ timeline on a calendar is helpful. At the start of the calendar will be the marketing considerations, plus the drafting of the adverts, and any editorial. Hopefully, your marketing campaign is supported by vendor paid funds. From the start of the advertising campaign, you can move through your recommendations applying to inspections, target marketing, local marketing, methods of marketing, plus a lot more. See how the ‘strategic’ approach is relevant?
  6. Think about the ultimate result for the client with their property, and what will that look like. If you see some property hurdles and issues that could arise, it pays to address those things at the front of the campaign and supply some strategies around that.
  7. Asking the client some questions will help you understand if they have any concerns regarding their property or the property challenge. Then, merge those matters into your real estate recommendations. You can also use a question-and-answer approach as an insertion in your proposal document, so the client can see that you align with their situation and their ideas.

Through all these items, the ultimate target for any property promotion is to make things clear and straightforward. It is a bit like taking the ‘hand’ of the client and leading them down a path of action and negotiation.

business graphs are part of a real estate listing presentation

Choosing the Listing Path

What is the right ‘path’ for your client? Make it simple as part of every real estate listing presentation, and in the process, give them some clear recommendations and choices.

When the client has realistic options and can see ‘the road ahead’, they will feel that they have more property listing control and that will make their decisions a lot easier. Hopefully, they will be choosing you as the agent to help them with their property challenge.

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