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Discovering New Property Market Trends

There are constant changes in the commercial property market. The prices and rental rates of commercial and retail properties are moving based on the availability and demand for each.

It is imperative as agents that we understand and track the property market trends in every town, city, or community. In times like these, a commercial real estate agent can be extremely helpful to investors and business owners. Information is invaluable in commercial real estate markets like this.

They have access to information from recent inquiries, and they are able to use analysis to target the correct market opportunities for any property that goes to market for lease or for sale.

Here is a market trends chart for you to use in your allocated territory. Watch the changes in the separate categories.

Some of the numbers can be added to a spreadsheet and used in property presentations. That is a good idea if you want to show your clients and prospects your relevance and skills as an agent.

You can get the real estate agent chart on property market trends below.

chart for tracking market trends in commercial real estate
A chart for tracking property market trends in commercial real estate.

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