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Most agents know that real estate as a career is full of opportunities. In saying that, there are skills and hurdles to work through. There is also plenty of hard work and systems to establish. But, wouldn’t you expect that?

Luck may help you along the way, but when the property market gets slower or becomes more ‘ordinary’, luck will have little to do with your progress. That is where each agent’s personal skills and systems come into play in what they do and how they work.

To get more out of the commercial real estate industry as a career, make it a priority to build your systems regarding client contacts, listings, prospecting, and new business processing.

It is at the front of the real estate contact cycle where growth and opportunities are created. The systems that you create and make in your business are the things that you do every day.

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Watch the Property Cycles

The property market is cyclical, and several factors will ‘swing’ the pendulum when it comes to buying, selling, investing, and leasing.

Those factors or pressures will include the business community’s sentiment, the overall state of the economy, consumer demand, and seasonal pressures. As agents, we need to look at the factors of real estate change and then shape our activities or priorities around that.

Most property markets will change a few times during the year and seeing those changes will help an agent find new business and create more opportunities.

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Develop your agent systems

Agent Systems that Work

So, let’s go back to the idea of creating systems to build your real estate business. Where can you start, and how would that work for you?

These are the most important things to think about:

  1. Talking to new people to find potential clients or prospects to help
  2. Advancing previous client connections and communications with selected people to get meetings
  3. Deep and specific market coverage and knowledge by building type and location
  4. Creating a pipeline of listing opportunities and client connection
  5. Talking to business owners and investors about property needs and changes
  6. Tracking activity numbers in the categories of prospecting, inspecting, meetings, and transactions

All these things contribute to the growth of a real estate agent’s business. If you want to grow your market share and your listing potential, then think about what you are doing in each of those issues and improve your actions.

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Improving and thriving as an Agent

Building Your Action Plan

The facts to appreciate here are all centred on action and progress. As real estate agents, we can get a lot more out of our respective real estate businesses when we focus on agent self-improvement and self-action.

When you do that, you get a lot more out of your brokerage career, and you do that by creating listing potential. So, therefore, the real estate market as a career belongs to the organized and diligent agents that do systematic things to connect with new people in an ongoing way.

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