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The Exclusive Listing Fast Track

The exclusive listing process in commercial real estate is unique in several ways, but mostly because it brings about a better result for your clients when you compare it to the other methods of sale.

It can and should be the foundation of your real estate business over time. Do you want to win more new business and convert it to a successful result? Think about the elements of what is possible here.

Have you tracked and improved your listing systems over time? Everything can be improved when it comes to listings. You can learn from what you have done with other properties and from other agents.

Knowing What Works in Marketing

Understand what works and what doesn’t for property listings today in your location and the various types of marketing campaigns that can be implemented. There is always a marketing solution for every property situation and type.

Making your property marketing special is a valuable way to help the client see why your approach to the property and the client is better overall than that of your competitors.

Over time you can learn from your promotional experiences and use the facts of the property market in how you engage with your clients.

Exclusivity allows you to do more with your listings and convert more transactions in a controlled way towards a positive result. You like positive results, as most agents do.

The Importance of a Positive Listing Result

Why is this important? Your clients want a positive result and the best price possible given the prevailing market conditions.

So, there are some focus points here to think about You can build your listing presentation around the emphasis on and need for exclusivity. Show its importance today to your client and how it impacts their property. Can you shorten the timeline to a better sale through your ideas?

Where do you start on this? You can provide some specific strategies.

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Your Next Exclusive Listing Strategy

Let’s put a big priority of exclusivity into your next listing presentation. Here are some ideas to help you do that. Weave these ideas into what you talk about in your listing presentation.

  1. Target Market – Always start your listing presentation with a discussion and some clarity around the target market you will work with. When you define the target market of buyers, you can drill down into the marketing methods and the unique factors of communication that you will bring to the listing for the client. Then, build your listing presentation around your target market and everything that you can do with that.
  2. Questions and Answers – Your client will always have concerns when it comes to marketing their property. Getting to those concerns is essential because you can address those matters in your discussions and proposal document. In that way, you are tapping into the client more deeply. That is an excellent approach in any listing presentation.
  3. Campaign Duration – A property campaign does not need to be overly long in duration when you are working with exclusivity. In most cases, it should be structured for a period of 6 to 8 weeks to get the best results. That is all the time that you will need if you are determined to connect with your buyers and target audience. That time focus should be on building property marketing momentum.
  4. Marketing Tools – You will have many tools and media channels to use in any property marketing campaign. The question to think about here should centre around just what the right marketing tools and channels should be for the client and their property. Don’t be generic here with this approach. Think about online and offline marketing you should do and build your campaign around the best marketing tools that you know work. Make your marketing choices unique.
  5. Advertising Copy – Some agents today use a professional copywriter to oversee and adjust the final property advertising before publication. That strategy can be a cost that is merged into your vendor paid marketing expenses. However, a well-crafted advertisement with professional photos will always stand out in the media, so it is worthwhile considering. If you cannot afford or use this strategy, then get a thesaurus as an app on your computer or mobile phone and refer to it to optimise your words in the advertising created. You can constantly improve your advertising with better terms, and the thesaurus will help you with that.
  6. Inspection Planning – Decide how you will show a property to a qualified buyer. That inspection process will be precisely what you talk about and how you will take the qualified buyers through the property. Again, the property inspection strategy can help you build momentum towards an offer or negotiation.
  7. Negotiation Advantages and Client Positioning – Start your property campaign from a base of negotiation and client-centred discussions. You can tell them about what you think will be the factors of negotiation and how they can prepare for that in today’s market. Tell them some stories about how others have worked through property negotiation challenges and got the best results.

As simple as these things may seem, they put you considerably closer to a successful exclusive property listing and particularly so on an exclusive marketing basis.

So, make exclusivity a listing priority in listing. Tell your client about all your related ideas and strategies that can help them towards their ideal outcome. Do that profoundly and directly.

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