The Proven Route to Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are many ways to achieve positive results and success at a personal level.  In saying that, some strategies are consistently common in the industry and you should know what they are for your location; look at the best top agents and brokers and you will see how things are […]


Ways of Improving Customer and Client Conversions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As you work with ever more property types and clients in commercial real estate, the challenges will always be there in the local property market when it comes to closing on a listing, a marketing package, or a transaction.  Everything essentially comes down to your ability to effectively communicate your ideas to your clients in […]

Strategies for a Customer Service Booth in a Retail Shopping Center

In a retail shopping centre the concept of a customer service station works well, particularly with the bigger retail properties.  When you have plenty of people walking around a retail property looking to purchase goods and services, there can be confusion and special needs evolving with shoppers; those needs should be addressed effectively so that […]

The Critical Elements of a Successful Customer Service Model in Retail Shopping Center Performance

Every retail shopping center should have a defined and active customer service program to help shoppers and tenants alike.  Many things happen in a shopping center each day.  The greater the number of tenants in the property, the greater the potential is for customer problems and issues.  You want to make it easier for tenants […]

Ways to Develop Your Customer Service Systems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Customer service in commercial real estate brokerage can and should be specifically designed and established as a consistent system across the team.  In that way you can build the fullest opportunity for further repeat and referral business.  There are also some well-established links to be remembered between sales, leasing, and property management.  The customer experience […]

Ways to Really Improve Customer Service and Results in a Commercial Real Estate Team

Customers are at the very core of the successful commercial real estate office. Over time those customers can bring in new business leads and opportunities with listings. Every customer should be encouraged to transact multiple times across sales, leasing, and property management. In saying that, the concept requires a productive and proactive commercial real estate […]


Treat Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Differently

In commercial real estate agency today, the notable difference between top agents and all other agents is in their client database.  Their client database is larger and more committed to the agent.  Over time the clients give more leads and listings to a top agent.  The clients trust the agent.  That should be your focus […]


Commercial Real Estate Agency Client Service

In commercial real estate agency today it is easy to get tied up in the problems of the market and forget exactly who you act for.  There is only one client in a commercial property sale or lease, and that client will pay your commission based on success and results achieved.  Everyone else in the […]

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