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Ways of Improving Customer and Client Conversions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As you work with ever more property types and clients in commercial real estate, the challenges will always be there in the local property market when it comes to closing on a listing, a marketing package, or a transaction. 

Everything essentially comes down to your ability to effectively communicate your ideas to your clients in meaningful ways. (NB – you can get plenty of commercial real estate broker tips and ideas here in Snapshot – its free)

Local area information and professional selling skills will help you move on any key decision with your clients.  The process of practice will help you improve your conversions with your clients.  Understand what’s happening in the local property market and then display that information comprehensively and thoroughly in a number of business tools and resources.

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It is always interesting to remember that the property market is under change.  In brokerage we can use that change to our advantage with customers, clients, and prospects.  Each year the factors of price, rent, supply, and demand, will shift the balance on any property transaction.  Somewhere in that balance will be the need to get the best outcomes for your client(s).  Analyze the property results that are being achieved in your town or city within certain property types and precincts.

Show and Tell All

You can show your clients and customers how the local property market is changing and exactly how you can be the leverage point to maximize the results they will achieve from the change.  Show your clients and customers the factors of the local property market that are so critical to their property challenge and expected outcomes.

Show them the property equation that you can help with, thereby optimizing the results from and in any sale or leasing situation.  Tell them stories about recent transactions and client outcomes.  One of the best ways to achieve a positive outcome in a listing or property transaction today will be from a base of local information and locally based stories.  Stories engage the thinking of the client and help them move through the challenges of the transaction.

Client Contact Report

In this special brokerage report by John Highman, you can get plenty of ideas to help you professionally control a sale or lease transaction with your important clients.  Take the ideas and move them into a service based focus as a broker or agent. 

Given the clients targets and challenges in solving a property problem, there are leverage points that you can use.  You can get the report below and review the ideas accordingly:

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Client contact and service strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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