Effective Things to do in any Commercial Property Presentation

Commercial real estate brokerage today can be quite competitive when it comes to any listing opportunity and client presentation.  It is very common for a single listing opportunity to be tendered between numbers of agents.

Beware of the client that demands too much as part of the listing process.  Difficult clients are those that typically demand unrealistic levels of low commission, will not contribute to marketing funds, and will also refuse to consider the facts and prices from established and prevailing market conditions.

Watch the competition

Some clients think that they must seek out a number of agents and brokers to pitch on the listing.  Inevitably and in most cases, the client has already made the choice as to the agent that they will be using.  Sometimes the strategy of asking in a number of other agents is simply to justify the client’s original decision as to the best agent, or to perhaps satisfy the need or demands of some other corporate board or decision maker to the property activity.

Whatever the reason for a commercial property presentation, the opportunity that you have will be short and specific.  You may be competing for the listing from a situation of weakness, so your recommendations and ideas will need to be of the highest quality to attract the attention of the client.  When you have their attention, you can influence and change their thinking; perhaps even alter the choices that they have already made as to the best agent and marketing strategy.

Choices and recommendations

So your choices for any presentation need to be the best available given the property type, location, and marketing situation.  Your recommendations need to stand out as the best available in the known circumstances.  What can you say and do to improve your property market ideas and listing recommendations?

Try some of the following to get things started:

  1. Meet the client at the property – Take the time to meet the client at the property. As part of that meeting process you can walk around the asset discussing the strengths and weaknesses as you see them from a buyer’s perspective.  From this simple strategy, you can show the client how you will be inspecting the property in a comprehensive way and taking people to the pertinent points and property attributes.
  2. Take the client to other local locations where competing listings are located – It is a fact that many clients will not have seen or understood the levels of competition that they will be up against as part of their property marketing campaign.
  3. Show the differences in marketing – When you consider the different marketing tools and strategies available today, there will be certain strategies of advantage to be used both online and offline. Provide the clients with specific examples of success in relevant situations and with other similar properties.  Have a few stories to tell about other clients and property situations where choices were made and problems resolved.
  4. Make clear recommendations – Most clients like to hear specific recommendations that relate to their property. They also like to have a few choices when it comes to property marketing, inspecting, and negotiating.  You can provide a few choices and strategies in each case.

So there are four simple yet effective things that you can do here, as part of any commercial property presentation.  You can be relevant and specific with your clients and prospects.

The fact of the matter is that you can show with confidence the trends of the local property market in your town or city, and how you can use those trends to bring about a positive outcome for the clients that you serve.  Are you ready to give it a go?

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