Automating Your Commercial Real Estate Cold Calls

“I love cold calling!”  Said no one…ever.  What if I told you AI can be used to automate this process?  I’m sure you’ve heard AI will be the next big thing to hit business, but how does it apply to commercial real estate?  Let’s discuss the two things you hate doing the most – cold […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Attract New Clients Through Email Marketing

In commercial real estate brokerage the email marketing process has a place and a use.  Connecting with customers regularly using email should be quite specific and well planned by any agent considering the process. It requires a plan of action and a high degree of relevance to make emails stand out as valuable and interesting […]

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Today

Most agents and brokers understand that the email marketing process is important to ongoing client and prospect contact in real estate today.  That being said, most agents and brokers struggle with the process and really have no system to keep it moving ahead. So what is going wrong here?  Why are the agents struggling?  They […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Email Marketing Strategies and Systems

It is a fact that the email marketing process works well for commercial real estate agents and brokers in generating leads and opportunities in the market. It is part of a larger online marketing strategy.  In saying that email and online marketing methods needs to be well managed and interesting so they attract the attention of […]


Choosing Marketing Response Mechanisms in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every quality listing in commercial real estate is likely to create a good degree of response from buyers or tenants as the case may be.  For this reason you should choose the right marketing response mechanisms that can handle the enquiry efficiently and quickly.  You should also consider the tracking processes that should apply to […]

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