Choosing Marketing Response Mechanisms in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every quality listing in commercial real estate is likely to create a good degree of response from buyers or tenants as the case may be.  For this reason you should choose the right marketing response mechanisms that can handle the enquiry efficiently and quickly.  You should also consider the tracking processes that should apply to every campaign.

You can use specific strategies and response mechanisms as a point of difference in your real estate services.  In this market where so many agents are competing for the same listing opportunities, this can be a strategic advantage for you in winning a listing.

It directly follows that some properties will create more or different enquiry from a well-crafted campaign.  So how can you capture the enquiries from interested parties?  Here are some ideas:

  • Have a website created for the major property project being marketed.  You can then have a portal on the home page to capture enquiries from buyers or tenants.  The website can also comprehensively feature complex property detail and information.
  • Use ‘free-phone’ numbers that are cost free for inbound property enquiries.  If that is part of your marketing process, ensure that you have a person ready to answer the inbound calls at all times 7 days per week. You can appoint a call centre for that solution if you are working on a major project and the volume of inbound enquiry is expected to be higher than normal.
  • Use an auto responder as an email solution to send out information automatically to new people that are entered into a database for a specific project.
  • Any automatic response tool or system should be followed up by a ‘live-person’ call and contact within 24 hours of initial capture of contact information.
  • If you are using a special newsletter or email despatch for a particular property type or listing, track and measure the ‘hits’ on each listing so you know what is actually triggering responses.  Most tracking mechanisms should allow you to differentiate the people for individual follow-up.
  • All responses and actions to an inbound property enquiry should be fast and professional.  Have a system to implement with each property listing.  Major property listings and quality properties will need extra special attention.
  • Whilst ‘fax-streaming’ may seem a bit ‘old fashioned’ it is still used a lot for sending out property detail to local businesses.  Don’t overlook the convenience of using a well-crafted fax with relevant property detail.
  • All property brochures should include email, mobile, and office contact details.  All property listings should have a ‘reference’ to be quoted by the person making the enquiry.

On a final note it should be said that commercial real estate marketing is today a 24 hour, 7 day a week process.   Make sure that you have the people in your team ready to professionally take the enquiry for any and all of your listings at any time.

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