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How to Aim Higher in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

One thing to remember in commercial real estate is that most of the rewards go to the agents and brokers that develop a system of business that they can work to every day.  They are the agents that aim for quality results in the three essential ‘channels’ of our business.  Most particularly those channels are […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Set Your Winning Listing Priorities

When pitching for a listing, I follow some rules as a guide so I can get the best outcomes from a listing perspective.   Those rules are worth sharing.  This checklist approach can also help you get better results with your properties and clients. (NB – you can get plenty of listing tips in our ‘Snapshot’ […]

The Key Facts About Marketing In Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The marketing process in commercial real estate today is critical in so many different ways. Treat the topic with care, specialization, and professionalism.  Your career success evolves around marketing and the many variations of that.   So why worry so much about promotion and marketing?  You can and should be promoting yourself and your exclusive […]

Broker Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Listing Overload

From time to time in commercial real estate brokerage you will get busy with listings.  The important thing here is that you are busy with the right property listings and not just a ‘jumble’ of ordinary and random open listings. When the property market is ‘firing’ you must have your listing stock; when the market […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why a Collection of Action Targets will Give You Market Traction

Too many commercial real estate brokers and agents just focus on what they have done (or what they want) with commissions.  They look at the end result with very little understanding of what really matters in the middle of the equation.  The commissions will generally come to those agents that take specific actions and refine […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – 6 Ways to Reduce Time on Market with Your Listings

When you are working in commercial real estate sales and or leasing, you really do need to watch the time on market factors that apply to your listing stock.  You should also differentiate the time on market issues between open listings and exclusive listings.  Through this tracking process, you can improve your ratios and conversions. […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How Incremental Growth Builds Better Market Share for Agents

Building market share in commercial real estate sales is not a ‘switch on’ and ‘switch off’ process for brokers and agents.  It is a gradual incremental process that takes time and effort as well as a good degree of personal focus. Show me an agent that is struggling in the market place, and usually I […]

5 of the Best Ways to Lift Your Marketing and Brand Exposure in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you want to attract new business and listings in commercial real estate brokerage you must lift your brand and personal exposure to the property market.  You must stand out as the best agent for the job and the location.  There is no ‘soft approach’ to winning new business in our industry. In creating exposure […]

The 7 Things to Know About Goals in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage the goals that you set help you understand just how things are improving and changing.  With a good set of goals or targets you can take specific steps to improve as an individual working in the industry. A common problem for most agents or brokers getting started in the industry […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Automating Your Marketing Systems for Results

In commercial real estate brokerage it is good to have a marketing system at a personal level that is relatively automatic.  Ideally that is something you do of a promotional nature that you do not have to spend too much time working on each week.  It should also be something that will spread the word […]

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