Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Resolving Withdrawn and Expired Listings

It is a fact that some listings will not sell or lease the first time they are put on the market.  It is a common problem that can evolve from a number of issues.  That being said, these listings do have some future opportunity for you as the local agent or broker if you choose […]

How to Convert FSBO Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage there is some value in chasing listings that are ‘for sale by owners’ (FSBO) but only if the listing and or the client offers promise of a positive result, and the asking price or rent is right.  Make no mistake that many agents continually chase these listings, given the odd […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Cold Calling Will Give You All the New Business You Want

In commercial real estate, the cold calling process is a key component of winning new clients and business.  In saying that, the telephone prospecting process takes a good degree of practice by any agent so the levels of confidence and relevance are supporting the process. You can make lots of calls but without the required […]


Commercial Real Estate Listings – For Sale By Owners

In any commercial real estate market, you will always have a selection of listings that are being marketed by the owners of each property directly.  Those owners put a signboard on the property, and run a few adverts in the paper to attract enquiry. Rarely will these owners achieve a quick result; many property buyers […]

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