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Helpful Leasing Checklist for Industrial Property Today

In industrial warehouse and real estate leasing, there are many different ways to approach the concept of capturing the property data, finding a tenant and negotiating a lease document. There are a good number of things to think about in most industrial properties. That is where a checklist approach works very well. Listen to this […]


Handy Industrial Property Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Here is a checklist in this podcast that you can use in the listing of industrial property for sales or lease. The idea behind using a checklist like this is that you can comprehensively cover the property issues from a leasing or sales perspective. What are the benefits of this process? You can get to […]

Turning a Vacant Industrial Property into an Opportunity for the Landlord

When you get a vacancy in an industrial property, many landlords ‘stress out’ and overreact with the loss of rent and outgoings during the vacancy period.  To further complicate things, some landlords ask far too much rent in the marketing of the vacancy; the end result is a protracted vacancy and lengthy lease downtime.  The […]

How to Be an Expert in Industrial Property Sales and Leasing

Industrial property remains one of the easier market segments in which you can get a foothold as a top broker or agent.  The fact of the matter is that industrial premises are always required for changing business activity by good tenants and businesses.  The industrial segment is for ever changing and it is not a […]

Industrial Leasing

Commercial Property Agents – How to Qualify Industrial Property Tenants

The best way to enter the commercial property market as an agent or salesperson is perhaps at the level of industrial property.  That is because industrial property is easy to understand and not overly complex when it comes to leasing or selling.  NB – You can get plenty of tips in industrial property leasing right […]


Industrial Property Sales and Leasing – Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When inspecting industrial land or warehouse property to assess its potential for sale, lease or development, it is wise to do so with a clear set of facts and research.  An industrial property checklist for this purpose is very helpful and will help identify you as a professional real estate agent or broker to work […]

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