Unlocking Opportunities: A Guide for Commercial Real Estate Agents to Attract Investor Clients

A couple of client types are valuable and easily found in commercial real estate as part of prospecting for new business. They are the investors and business owners. Both categories of people will transact real estate for many different reasons. Make those groups your ‘source code’ for new listings. Talk to people in those groups […]


A Roadmap for Working with Property Investor Clients

Who are your property investor clients and what are they looking for in local investment stock? It’s a question full of opportunities. There are some good people in the segment that are always looking for quality properties that they can retain and improve over time. In today’s podcast, you can learn how to set up […]

Property Management

A Custom Designed Plan to Win More Commercial Real Estate Property Management Appointments

It is a well-known fact that a good commercial property management business and portfolio will boost many other brokerage opportunities including sales and leasing activity.  That being said, it takes time to create your list of property management clients and quality properties. So let’s set one rule ‘into concrete’; a good property management base of […]

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