How to Use Location Based Prospecting to Grow Your Real Estate Business

When looking for clients and new listings in commercial real estate, it pays to have a client contact system that centres on ongoing connections and communications. A system like that can be designed to help you stay personally within activity categories. In that way, you can find more people and property situations where you can […]


Three Listing Conversion Strategies for Agents

Is your property market competitive? It is very easy to cut corners and give in to the pressures of the client and their requests for “special deals” when listing commercial, industrial, or retail property for sale or lease. This client ‘pressure’ is especially true when the property is being listed for the first time. Don’t […]


How to Time Base Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

A property marketing campaign can be more effective if you ‘time base’ your activities and strategically so. Every exclusive property listing should have this ‘time’ focus so the enquiries are optimized and therefore inspections can follow more successfully. Special Note: if you want to get our free commercial real estate training today, you can enrol […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Revitalize a Stale Listing

Some commercial property listings take a very long time to sell or lease.  When that happens, there are a few strategies to bring into play.  The first step is to take the property off the market so you can re-position it; build an alternative strategy of promotion and or condition the client.  A ‘stale’ listing […]

The Essential Rules of Marketing Property in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, far too many real estate agents offer generic marketing solutions across every listing without any specific recommendations.  That situation should only be the case when it comes to ‘open listings’.  Are you a ‘generic agent’ or a ‘top agent’? Top agents in the property market today demand listing circumstances where […]

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