A Checklist to Solving a Listing Backlog in Commercial Real Estate

Sometimes the property market slows, and you get a ‘backlog’ of listing stock in your town or city that doesn’t seem to be moving.  It can be a seasonal problem, or worse still, an extension of the economic cycle and sentiment in your town or city; your listings can become ‘stale’ all too quickly. When […]


A Simple and Direct Marketing Plan for Brokers and Agents

In commercial real estate sales brokerage, you can and should keep your personal marketing plan simple and direct.   It must be something that you do every day, so the simplicity of things is quite important.  Don’t over complicate your real estate business or your efforts.   The sales and leasing parts of commercial real estate […]

5 Steps to an Inquiry Generation System for Brokers and Agents

Like it or not, every agent or broker must have an inquiry generation system that opens up the potential of a listing with a good number of inspections, offers, and property conversions.  I say it’s a system because it’s a personal way of approaching the market and the issues that are going on locally. Without […]

The Quality Checks Needed in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

When you promote a property for sale or lease in commercial real estate brokerage today, it pays to spend more time at the front end of the marketing effort and particularly with the campaign design and release. There are various strategies and quality checks that you can use and optimize to improve inquiry outcomes and […]

Postcard Marketing Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate agency marketing the process of sending postcards to prospects and clients can be highly effective.  It is not however the only prospecting system you should use but will complement a few others quite well.  It is also an expensive marketing process stand-alone given the cost of printing and sending the cards, […]

Be a Pacesetter in Real Estate Postcard Marketing

In commercial real estate brokerage, the postcard marketing approach does have a place in a personal marketing program.  Every agent or broker should be using the strategy. So to be clear on this, the ‘postcard process’ is all about sending ‘DL’ size marketing cards that have been specially printed for your area and speciality.  They […]

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