The Quality Checks Needed in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

When you promote a property for sale or lease in commercial real estate brokerage today, it pays to spend more time at the front end of the marketing effort and particularly with the campaign design and release. There are various strategies and quality checks that you can use and optimize to improve inquiry outcomes and performance.

Be Promotion Focused and Special

There is no point in being ordinary when it comes to property marketing today. Take every exclusive listing, and do more with them from a promotional perspective. Don’t be ordinary or generic in your marketing approach with quality listings and good clients.

Here are some ideas to help:

  • Look the other listings currently on the market locally. Your property listing needs to stand out by comparison to these other listings, in both advertising copy and professional images. The story and the factors of attraction need to be there. Understand the other listings that you are competing against before you start any property promotion, and then adopt specific strategies to improve your property message and market coverage. Be special and different when it comes to an exclusive marketing campaign for good quality property and a valuable client.
  • When you spend more time on your advertising strategy, you get better results. Results and market coverage lead to improvements with the inbound enquiry, which can then allow you to move forward with greater levels of inspection and negotiation. Take the time to improve your property marketing at the front end of the promotional process.
  • Get the client involved in your advertising strategies and the campaign structure. This is particularly the case when it comes to spending any vendor paid marketing funds associated with exclusive listing promotion. The client is paying for the advertising, so they should have some input or awareness into the campaign and involvement in the drafting or approval of advertising. Help them to understand how you will make their property stand out as real and relevant to the target audience. Show them how the advertising layouts, the copy, and the professional images can work in a positive way throughout the campaign; give them feedback. When you get the client fully involved in your property marketing efforts, you are conditioning them to a greater level of cooperation which will come in very handy for you at the time of negotiation.
  • Have someone within your team proof read all of your adverts before they go to the client for approval and or are distributed to the media channels. Given that most busy brokerages will have plenty of outbound advertising activity during each week to deal with, this can be a special task for a suitably skilled person. Make sure that correct words and phrases are chosen in the advertising copy for the particular property and the chosen method of sale or lease.
  • Where funds allow, have a professional copywriter shape and enhance the advertisements that apply to your exclusive property listings; you can do that prior to distributing all of the adverts to the media channels. The cost of a professional copywriter should be merged into the vendor paid marketing funds for each and every exclusive listing. Any serious and committed vendor will understand the value of your refined and improved marketing strategies.
  • Make sure that you have chosen the right target market for the listing, and then talk about it with a client. When you do that, you can drill down into the particular promotional strategies and the campaign timings that you need to use. Help the client understand exactly what you’re doing with their listing and why they should follow your recommendations.
  • You can do more specific promotional activity with less money being spent, if you consider things fully and carefully before you start. You can show the client exactly how effective your campaign will be given that extra special treatment or unique strategies of promotion that you wish to adopt.
  • Put yourself into the property promotion for every exclusive listing. That listing type deserves that extra effort. You are the key to the conversion of an exclusive listing to a successful transaction. The client expects you to be involved with their listing, and for you to be that special momentum that they require to achieve a successful result; adopt this unique promotional process with all your property sale or lease challenges.
  • As a final note, any property should be treated with relevance to the location and the current levels of inquiry. How will the property listing fit into the local area? How can you improve the levels of inquiry with that average ordinary property?
  • If you focus your client and listing efforts towards quality, your levels of inquiry and inspections will improve. It is a simple equation to remember as you prospect for listings and clients. Concentrate on improving the quality of both.

So the message here is that you can create a few quality checks and administrative processes to support and strengthen your property marketing systems. Spend more time at the front end of your listing and marketing activities. Make the right choices to enhance and strengthen every campaign and listing

Take every local good quality property that you have listed, and then spread the promotional message comprehensively across the local area and the targeted audience. Results come more easily to those agents that really do understand how to advertise and market their listings comprehensively and directly to the right people.

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