How New Players Emerge as Leaders in Commercial Real Estate Sales

Commercial real estate brokerage is all about action and process.  Over time both issues can take you forward in your property listing and client activities.  To emerge as a market-leading agent, there are some things to think about and work towards personally.  Your location, your town or city, your client categories, and your preferred property […]

Recruitment Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In every period of 12 months in commercial real estate brokerage, there will be pressures on team performance and some brokers will leave the team.  This then says that you will need a definite strategy to support, sustain, and grow the team through staff changes. So why do people move around in this industry?  Here […]

Tips in Locating a Commercial Real Estate Agency Office Today

When you are setting up a commercial real estate office, you need to follow some clear rules when it comes to office location.  The internet has changed the way we do business and will continue to do so however we need to follow some essential guidelines when locating a new commercial real estate agency office. […]