How to Succeed with Buyers in Todays Commercial Property Market

In this property market, the buyers are there, and you can find them.  They also have specific criteria to satisfy when it comes to locating and purchasing a property.  They are more selective and are waiting for the right property at the right price.  The COVID 19 health event will produce sales activity and some […]


Exploit Your Local Commercial Property Market Facts for Better Listings

When you consider a commercial property market in any town or city, you can find many factors of pressure and property ‘pain’ that will potentially be leverage and listing sources for you to work with over time.  Work those ‘pressure points’ for the opportunities that they provide in both sales and leasing appointments for you […]

Guide to Commercial Real Estate Buyer Attraction

In commercial real estate brokerage, the property buyers for a location will be valuable in creating inquiry, inspections, negotiations, and contracts.  The key question is ‘How do you attract plenty of buyers for a property listing?’   When you have database that is loaded with carefully selected and nurtured buyers, then you have a good chance […]

Buyer Management Ideas for Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, the buyers that you work with should be qualified, understood and serviced with focus. When you have a buyer, you can work with the opportunities.  There is a formula to remember here; when you have high quality listings, you will find more enquiry coming your way and that is where […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why You Must Establish a VIP Buyers Program for Investment Property

Typically in today’s commercial property market you will be working for the sellers of property when it comes to listing, marketing, inspecting, and negotiating.  Those sellers will be your clients. There are some reasonable commissions to be converted from selling commercial property when compared to leasing commercial property (assuming average transaction sizes). When you work […]

Effective Solutions for Working Commercial Property Buyers and Tenants

In commercial real estate brokerage some of the buyers and tenants that you interact with can waste a lot of your time.  The only way to protect your time with these people is to fully qualify them before you take action and help them. Your Time is Valuable One underlying principle here is to remember […]


Qualify Commercial Real Estate Buyers the Right Way

In commercial real estate brokerage you need buyers to close on deals, but set some rules as to how you work with them.  The qualifying process is really important. Before going further into this topic, understand that quality listings and properties in your area will create better levels of enquiry from buyers looking for investment […]


Commercial Property Agents – How to Attact Property Buyers

In this commercial real estate sales market you need to find well-qualified buyers, and to do that effectively and quickly. Conversations and prospecting activity will help you find those customers that want to buy or lease property. As part of this process, it is worthwhile to sit down with the seller of the property to […]

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