Ways of Capturing Market Facts and Information

The commercial property market is shifting and changing through the year, and right now is no exception.  As a result, there is a great deal to track, learn and do.   There are fresh aspects of the market to tap into.  Agent activity and results are based on, and gleaned from, what you hear and […]


Blueprint for Broker Progress and Fortune

In commercial real estate, it is easy to let the day take or shape its momentum; unfortunately, in doing that you lose too much time and cannot capture the transaction opportunities before other people.  Staying ahead of the competition is a vital part of commercial real estate advancement at a personal level. Note: Do you […]


The Two Things That Change Your Real Estate Business Forever

In commercial real estate brokerage, you must set a ‘strike zone’ in your territory so you know where you are focusing your efforts as an agent, and why that is the case.  Strategies evolve from that. Systems also evolve from that.  An agent without a strike zone and a system that they work to, is […]

Why You Should Revise Your Projections Quarterly

In commercial real estate brokerage, nothing remains the same, and nor should you with your business activities and marketing strategies.  Look to improve every quarter.  The real estate market is under constant change, so use that change for your advantage.   Why do these real estate projections and the full review quarterly?  The fact of […]

Using Follow Up Systems and Mailings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You can do a lot of new business in commercial real estate brokerage by following up on all your contacts and conversations.  Most agents and brokers don’t follow-up enough, and yes, there are reasons for that including time and money, however follow-up or a lack of is a common weakness in brokerage activities today.   (NB […]


Search for the Right Ways to Improve Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance

One of the big challenges in real estate agency is performance, and that is how to stay focused on the right things that help bring you the right business leads and opportunity.   Search for ways to stay on track and on task.  Understand the things that work for you and do those things every day.  […]