Foolproof Strategies to Improve Shopping Center Performance

Managing and leasing a retail shopping centre is not a natural process.  The right skills and knowledge are required, and particularly so to create the right investment results for clients. There are many things of a retail nature to understand and address over time. (NB – you can get our retail shopping center tips and […]

How to Become an Expert in Shopping Center Security Management

As part of the day-to-day operations of a shopping centre, the security program and services for the property should be specifically designed to protect the asset, the customers, and the tenants. In saying that, any security program once created should be reviewed regularly to identify any changes to the property, the customer factors, and the […]

How to Control Retail Tenants in Shopping Center Management

If you lease and manage retail shopping centres you will know the high value of meeting with your tenants on a regular basis.  In most retail properties that will be at least once per month.  Regular meetings with your tenants can help you control issues and predict problems; you can also improve occupancy issues with […]

Advanced Shopping Center Management Systems and Strategies

In managing and leasing a Retail Shopping Center there are many things to monitor and think about.  When you know the facts about property performance then you have the best chance of improving the property for the landlord. Shopping Center Staffing Structure Depending on the size of the property and the variations to the tenant […]

Ways to Develop Real Leadership in Retail Shopping Center Management

The retail property industry is quite special and particularly that of shopping centres.  Retail experience and strategies are a valuable part of controlling and improving a shopping centre.  That is where the right people with retail experience are of real value to shopping centre owners.  That is also where leadership in the retail property segment […]

How to Assemble a Retail Shopping Center Property Management Team

The management of a Retail Shopping Center can be a very intense and demanding process.  When you have lots of tenants in a busy shopping center, things need to be kept under control and directed to the plans of the landlord. By comparison there are more people involved in the management of a retail property […]

Making a Risk Evaluation in Shopping Center Renovations

Most shopping centres require regular upgrade and renovation.  As part of that process, risk management and planning are key factors to making things work correctly. So let’s look at how a risk assessment could happen in working towards a renovation of a retail property.  You know your location and town or city better than I […]

Shopping Center Management Maintenance Routines and Strategies

When you manage a shopping center it is critical that a process of inspection occurs within the property on a regular and perhaps even a daily basis (depending on property size and operations).  In doing that you should be looking for issues of potential property damage, danger, failure, or personal injury.  The property should be […]

Lease and Tenant Management Tips in Shopping Center Renovations

As retail real estate managers and leasing specialists we can add considerable professional value to a shopping center renovation.  We can take to the project a deep and complex knowledge of desirable tenant mix changes, lease management and rental income opportunities. So how can you as a real estate broker approach the retail property renovation […]

Finding Quality Tenants for Retail Property Leasing

A shopping centre is a special place when it comes to tenant selection, leasing, and tenant placement.  The tenancy mix within a shopping centre has to be balanced with the right businesses and product or service offerings.  On that basis a retail leasing agent must have a good prospecting plan that taps into the right […]

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