Leasing Property Management

Balancing the Landlord and Tenant Relationships

In commercial and retail property, there are ongoing pressures of lease occupancy and rental collections. Landlords and tenants can sometimes be in conflict with each other for unique reasons. It is also notable that some landlords can create poor tenant relations within a property due to inadequate communications, conflicting negotiations, overlooked maintenance, and tougher lease […]


Using Tenant Retention Plans to Boost Leasing Brokerage Business

In commercial and retail investment property today, you can do well by implementing a ‘tenant retention’ strategy and service into the buildings owned by your good quality clients.  The idea here is that you are helping your good clients keep desirable tenants and drop the poor quality tenants when lease expiry situations allow. Why worry […]


Commercial Real Estate Leasing – 10 Ways to Prevent High Vacancy Factors and Tenant Turnover

Many commercial property managers and leasing managers don’t spend enough time on tenant management and communication, only to soon find that they have an upcoming vacancy or a building that is underperforming from a rent and occupancy perspective. There is a strong link between tenant encouragement, communication, property performance, and landlord involvement.  At the base […]


The Keys to Retaining Tenants in Commercial Investment Properties Today

In most commercial, retail, or industrial properties today it is wise to formulate a tenant retention plan and put it in place.  If you have lots of tenants in a building then the matter is even more important. So what does a plan like this look like?  Here are some ideas that I have used […]

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