Brokerage Career

Five Routines of Success in Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking to get great results in your real estate business, then take the time to have an in-depth look at your work systems and activities.  The best agents work to a method, and then they refine it over time.  The plan they work to will likely be relevant to them and their […]


Solve Vacancies and Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Career

There are plenty of vacancies in investment properties currently and for the immediate future as tenants and landlords adjust to business pressures and consumer demand. In today’s podcast program, John Highman shares the strategies of working the leasing market comprehensively. Ultimately you can tap into plenty of property opportunities in this market segment. Landlords need […]

Brokerage Leasing

How to Best Use Your Spare Time in Leasing Commercial

The commercial real estate leasing market is busy most of the time, but this property market is a bit special.  For the foreseeable future in this economy, it should be increasingly busier as occupants and investors look at restructuring, savings, and improvement.  Property occupancy is a changing cycle and, as leasing agents, we are the […]

Brokerage Podcast

Top Rated Solutions for Prospect Pipeline Growth

Learn how to set up and create a pipeline of commercial real estate prospects and clients. Use the change and churn in this property market to grow your real estate business faster. In simple terms, the pipeline approach to your real estate market can really work. Note: If you want to get our agent resources […]

Brokerage Videos

The Client Contact System That Drives New Business

If you are looking to grow your real estate business, then you must apply a client contact model to your real estate day and activities. In this video today, John Highman shares the fundamental rules and principals behind client contact and shows you how that can work in your real estate day. Note: You can […]

Brokerage Podcast

A Guide to Setting Up the Best Game Plan in Commercial Real Estate

Your game plan in brokerage sales and leasing can now be refreshed and optimized for the new property market. Use these ideas to review what you can do and where your property opportunities will come from. Note: You can get our resources for commercial real estate agents here for free. Sign up. In the program, […]

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