Why Strategy is the Choice of Leasing Champions

What is happening in your leasing market now? Can you see the new opportunities? In today’s podcast we will help you tap into what is happening and how that is important in offering your future leasing services to landlords and tenants.

Don’t Be Generic In Leasing Today

Don’t take the ‘generic path’ in leasing today. There are some good things that you can do now. Far too many leasing agents just negotiate a lease deal on a ‘singular’ basis; that is one tenant, one landlord, one premise and one negotiation. 

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See the Bigger Leasing Picture

Look at the bigger picture and engage with many more people and help them with property change and churn. Sure, vacancies exist and rents are changing. Choose your tenants and choose your properties to service. Landlords need plenty of help. We talk about that in the podcast.

Look at the bigger leasing picture. What happens when a tenancy is part of a tenant mix and larger property performance?  Invariably the single deal is still negotiated with little or no regard for other cash flow and occupancy issues in the property.

Commercial Leasing Podcast

These ideas in this podcast will help you start to be a ‘strategist’ in leasing properties today. That is what your leasing clients need help with. Here is the podcast.

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