Commercial Leasing Agents – Talk Frankly with Your Landlord Clients

When it comes to leasing a commercial or retail property today, it pays to be frank and honest with the client about the market conditions and where their property sits currently. In most locations there is an abundance of property for the tenants of today to choose from.  On that basis every vacant tenancy should…

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Rent Strategy in Commercial Property Leasing

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There are many ways to look at rent in any commercial property investment.  Whilst every lease will have a starting rent many other factors in the lease are more important to cash flow.  It is the rent over time that really matters from an income perspective in a lease of investment property and not necessarily…

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Commercial Property Agents – Tips for Lease Renegotiation Today

When it comes to renegotiating a commercial or retail lease, the basic rule is to activate the process early, well within that time nominated within the lease process and documentation. Early negotiations allow for productive tenant and landlord dialogue. Market rental Typically the levels of market rental will always be a discussion point for debate in…

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Retail Tenant Mix Strategies Today

When it comes to the leasing and managing of commercial and retail property today, it is wise to adopt a tenant mix strategy that encompasses the requirements of the landlord and the special attributes of the property. The designing of a tenancy mix can be quite a specialised process.  Local market knowledge will assist you…

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Shopping Centre Leasing – How to Find More Retail Tenants

When it comes to leasing and managing a retail shopping centre today, you need a source of good tenants to underpin your tenancy mix and vacancy profile. Retail tenants come and go from the property as part of the typical tenancy mix churn. There is no point waiting for the vacancy to occur in your tenancy mix. It…

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How to Cold Call Tenants in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

city buildings in Hong Kong

Listings are the agent’s “Stock on the shelf” and their income now and in the future depends on the quality as well as the quantity of the listings that they obtain. In your local area, listings may include: Land that is suitable for commercial, industrial or retail development Commercial, industrial and retail buildings that are for…

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