How to Build a Successful Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

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So you want to establish a commercial real estate brokerage?  There are a few issues to look into and resolve, plus plenty of opportunity.  Local area coverage is one thing, but a full understanding of the property market and the competition is really important if you want to get some traction in building your business…

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The Key Rules to Inspecting Office Premises for Lease

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In this special report on office leasing, I have covered some of the key factors that will help you inspect office premises and convert the tenants in that inspection to go to the next level in interest.   When you have a good quality office building or tenancy to lease, take that listing and covert more…

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14 Franchise Facts for Todays Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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When you are considering a franchise based business within a commercial real estate brokerage brand, there are some things to explore and investigate. Some franchise groups are not as good as others when it comes to the variety of services and support offered; they are not all the same in commercial property. (N.B. these ideas…

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Podcast 182 – Commercial Real Estate Training Online

Here are 4 topics for commercial real estate brokers today – 1. Understanding the Pitfalls and Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage today, 2. How to Shift Gears in Personal Performance as an Agent, 3. Why you should Refresh Your Listings Today, 4. Some Strategies for Shopping Centre Managers Today. These are commercial real estate…

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Real Estate Brokers – A Simple Blueprint for Listing and Industrial Property

The industrial property market is an entry level segment of the industry where most property investors initially focus.  The simplicity of the cash flow, tenant selection, and property improvements make it easy for the ‘budding investor’ to understand the opportunities of the future when it comes to any single property, its cash flow and its…

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Assembling a Highly Successful Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Team

Finding the right people to work in your commercial real estate team is a challenge at the best of times.  The people within the team should have the right skills for the local property market, they should be self-motivated, and also professionally skilled to build their business personally and then to support the growth of…

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Tips for Negotiating a Counter Offer in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today, we negotiate in many different ways in all stages of a transaction.  The parties involved in a sale or lease, and within the property types will have a lot to do with the levels and the intensity behind the negotiation. It directly follows that every broker and agent should be…

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12 Essential Tips for Managing Retail Shopping Centers

Managing a retail shopping center is a very special process.  It requires the right leasing and property management specialists that understand all the key facts of the property type and the local area.  Retail property requirements are more complex than those that apply to office and industrial property.  If retail is a property type that…

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Capturing Responses from Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing

In commercial real estate agency, you must have a response mechanism for all of your marketing activities.  The response mechanism should be well chosen and supported by the sales team and the administrative team. So the response mechanisms typically used are the following: E-mail Mobile telephone Office telephone Specially designed website Generic agency website E-mail…

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Business Planning Your Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

A career in commercial real estate is very rewarding providing you put in the effort and build your knowledge for the area and property types that you will be working on.  You need a business plan for commercial real estate agency. Sales and leasing opportunity for commercial and retail property will always be there for…

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Heads Up on Building Your Commercial Real Estate Career

A career in commercial real estate is a great opportunity for personal success.  That being said it is also a challenging career that takes a lot of personal discipline to get the results that you want. Success in the industry will not be the same from person to person, but you will know what it…

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Formula for Agent Success in this Commercial Real Estate Market

In commercial real estate today, the property market can be a bit of a challenge.  In many respects there will be clients needing help in one form or another.  Unsold listings, vacant premises, and new developments all have special requirements of marketing. Contrary to popular opinion, it is in property markets like this that we…

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Improve Your Commercial Real Estate Sales This Way

When it comes to selling commercial real estate, there are many things to look for and check.  Lack of information can mean a failed transaction or slower negotiations.   That is where a good commercial real estate agent can add considerable value to the marketing and sale process. It is no secret that many towns and…

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Commercial Real Estate Agent Career Tips

When you work in commercial real estate it pays to set some rules when it comes to personal focus and daily action.  Without some form of control and focus, the day will get away from you and you will struggle with the momentum and the market share that you require.  The property market is challenging…

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Ways to Motivate Salespeople in Commercial Real Estate Today

When you start your career in commercial real estate, the opportunity of the industry is quite apparent. You can see on the ‘horizon’ plenty of listings and lots of commissions. Whilst the vision is not unrealistic, the distance between you and the horizon can be significant and usually is. There are a lot of ‘dead ground patches’ to…

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