A Positive State of Mind is an Absolute Must in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many new agents start their careers off in commercial real estate without completely understanding the key factors to focus on and protect.  That is why a mentor or experienced agent that is skillful will help in the first year of activity.  Whilst it’s also good to have plenty of local property knowledge, the most important things start off with are a consistent personal focus and a positive state of mind.  Are you up to the challenge?

It’s no secret that any sales related career brings with it stress and challenges.  Commercial real estate is a bit like that however the rewards are large for those that work hard and constantly improve skills at a personal level.  It takes a little while for some agents to understand that they are the ones that are in control (and should be); results come to agents from what they do each day at a personal level and consistently so.

A Personal Review

If you are struggling with your commercial real estate career right now, it is time to look at what you think about the property market and what you do in it each day.  It is a process that is supported strongly by a positive attitude and questioning state of mind.

Don’t let the overly pessimistic gossip of others that claim to be more experienced in the industry to impact your thinking and efforts as an agent.  There are plenty of agents and brokers that continually struggle to get their ‘act together’ and when that happens they look for excuses.

What’s so Difficult?

So why is this ‘state of mind’ concept logical as a process, and yet so difficult to achieve?  Most agents and brokers unfortunately succumb to the pressures of the job and let unnecessary gossip, tasks and the issues of other people take over their day.

If you really want to build a great career in commercial real estate, you simply must control your actions, thinking, diary, and database.

It is a personal process that has very little to do with the brokerage that you work for.  You are the person that is responsible for what you think and what you do; all of your results as an agent will come from those two basic things.

If the property market is tough for you now, then look inwardly at your current thoughts and actions.  When you fix those things, the results start to happen.   Here are some rules to respect:

  • Clear thinking helps you see client and listing opportunities. A future property challenge or need can be seen if you really understand the players and their current property situation.
  • A positive approach to the business then helps you build the actions and confidence that can convert more listing presentations to listings. Confident agents on average convert far more new business, listings, commissions, and clients.
  • Clients like to work with agents that are successful and knowledgeable. Your listing pitch and presentation has to be first class in every respect.
  • Who controls you choices when it comes to meetings and prospecting? You must control both.
  • Any segment of the property market that is slow or struggling is a segment that requires expert help. You can be the agent to provide that assistance.

These simple rules show you why you really must control your thinking and your actions.  It’s a personal challenge that never really goes away.

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