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In commercial real estate agency and brokerage the longer you procrastinate or stall the worse your market share becomes.  You simply cannot sit back and wait for things to happen.  You have to make the momentum and get the results.  Understand what works and do more of it.  Learn from the experiences of others and also what you have learnt from a personal process of ‘test and measure’.

Whilst this sounds so obvious, many brokers and agents ‘stall’ or wait for the market to give them something to work with.  Remember the old saying, ‘The fish simply do not jump in the boat’.  You have to cast the net over and over again to ‘haul in the fish’.

So how can you ‘cast the net’ into the market of ‘opportunity’?  Build up a mindset of leadership in your market.  Look for the right people to serve; you have a great list of services and skills that you can offer and find the right people to help.  Meeting new people and asking good questions will help you there.


Local Property Help?

It’s an interesting property market to be sure, but there are lots of people to help.  Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Check out the people that you or your brokerage has helped in the last 5 years on any property matters.  What are they doing now?  Can you help them further?
  • Talk to the adjoining and nearby property owners that are in proximity to all of your current listings.  One property for sale or lease can be a trigger for another to come into the market nearby.
  • The property investors and owners that are attempting to sell or lease their property are likely to be struggling for one reason or another.  Check them out to see if they are ready to use the services of a professional agent to help them.
  • Revisit your listings to get a price or rental adjustment.  You can also reposition the marketing efforts to give the property a new profile and enquiry base.
  • Look for the linkages between leasing, sales, and property management.  A successful transaction can lead to another service offering.
  • Get in contact with your good clients and contacts.  Ask for referral business and leads to other people that may have an interest in property today or in the future.
  • Research the property owners around your competitors existing listings.  Use your competitor’s properties as reasons to talk to other nearby people.

These things are all quite useful when building market share and creating growth.  They reflect a ‘leadership’ mindset.  That’s the making of a ‘top agent’.

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