Commercial Real Estate enquiry forms

Enquiry Form Template for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In this ‘computerized’ world the concept of ‘writing things down’ is still very important.  It is a well-known fact in psychology that the act of writing notes and capturing ideas in that way is a proven method of preparing the brain to take action.  The concept when understood can be optimized by brokers and agents.  Here is how…….

Computers and smartphones are a bit lacking when it comes to ‘planning’ however, you can use both your computers and note-taking systems in a good way.  The idea here is that note taking allows concepts and opportunities to be captured and considered; sure, you can use a computer later and move things into your database, but test out my idea here.  Take a few notes on these templates that I have put here for you.

There are 3 forms:

  • A form for taking an enquiry
  • Property requirement enquiry form
  • Lease deal progress template

The forms are in PDF so you can keep them for future use and print them on the office copier as much as you need.

Commercial Real Estate enquiry forms
Property enquiry forms for Commercial Real Estate Brokers



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