When you work as a commercial property manager, the tasks that you undertake are varied and many. It could be said that commercial and retail property managers are the busiest in the property industry (ok so I am biased). On that basis they have to be intelligent, diligent, and driven.

A commercial or retail property manager should be in control of the following as main parts of their job and daily activities:

  1. Income from the rental
  2. Leasing of all lettable space in the property
  3. Marketing vacant space to the local businesses
  4. Terminating leases or enforcing lease provisions where a tenant has breached lease covenants
  5. Tenant contact and communication on any matters relating to occupancy and daily property operation
  6. Ability to analyse and budget the financial performance from the property
  7. Handle matters of refurbishment or relocations for the landlord
  8. Control tenant fitout and the associated approvals.
  9. Expenditure management relating to the maintenance in the property
  10. Contractor maintenance and tendering major service contracts
  11. Risk Management in the property
  12. Lease management
  13. Rent reviews and options as they apply to lease terms and conditions
  14. Landlord reporting and communications
  15. Working with the landlords accountant and solicitor on property performance matters and lease activity

There is no doubt that a property management person has a different mindset than an agency sales or leasing person. Select your staff well.