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Reflections on the Best Marketing Mix in Commercial Property Promotions

When you have a commercial property to lease or sell, the marketing mix and promotional strategy should be well crafted and directed. Don’t approach things generically (unless the property is ordinary, you have no funds, and it is an open listing). Specific promotional strategies will always provide better results for your listing and your creative […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Marketing Is Not Direct Selling and Heres Why

In commercial real estate brokerage, the marketing process is fundamental to brokerage and agent progress.  In saying that, it is not a direct selling process.  Marketing is more about positioning and awareness than it is about transacting.  When you really understand that you can get some traction in your property market. Successful Promotion Systems Let’s […]

Important Ways to Refresh Your Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate, your listings should be refreshed from a marketing perspective once every 14 days.  In that way you can potentially lift the enquiry rate and have a reasonable chance of more property inspections. So what is the problem here?  Most agents and brokers put a listing onto the market and just let […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Make Your Property Marketing Sizzle and Attract Enquiries

In commercial real estate there are plenty of things to do in attracting more readerships to your advertisements.  It is one thing to use the right choices of media; it is another to encourage readership and enquiry.  You can make your marketing really sizzle through simple strategies. Here are some marketing rules to set the […]


Attract More Property Enquiries – Freshen Up Your Listings Frequently

In commercial real estate sales or investment sales, make sure that you are freshening up the listing stock frequently.  There are so many other listings on the market at the same time that you simply cannot let any exclusively listed property just ‘sit around’ without a refresh on advertising and marketing content. So what do […]

Commercial Real Estate Marketing as an Art Form

When you have a commercial property to sell or lease, the value of the marketing campaign in solving the property problem for the owner should not be underestimated.   Marketing is a real art form. Every quality property should be exclusively listed and professionally promoted; it is up to the agent to convince and convert the […]

A Simple Formula to Drafting Property Advertisements

Some if not most commercial real estate adverts are very dull and boring.  They could have been written by a ‘robot’.   This comes about because some real estate agents are not good with words or simply not committed to the marketing process. Generic advertising wastes a lot of time and effort.  Enquiry rates from such […]

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