Commercial Real Estate Marketing as an Art Form

When you have a commercial property to sell or lease, the value of the marketing campaign in solving the property problem for the owner should not be underestimated.   Marketing is a real art form.

Every quality property should be exclusively listed and professionally promoted; it is up to the agent to convince and convert the client to that strategy.   Any mistakes made at the start of or in preparing for the marketing campaign can very well destroy momentum and enquiries.  A poorly promoted property will stay on the market for a longer time; that fact has been proven consistently across all markets and property types.  Don’t repeat the mistake.

Help the client to see how the right marketing decisions will help them solve their property challenge earlier.

When property promotion is undertaken in the right way, many more enquiries will come in and the time on market will be shortened.  That is a good outcome for all concerned.

So how can you improve the promotion of the property in this way?  Try some of these:

  1. Attention grabbing – Something has to make the property stand out.  Perhaps the property has a history or image that can give you leverage in spreading the message about the sale or lease that is about to occur.  What factor of the property will give or attract the most attention?  Don’t repeat the promotional standards that are just so common such as, ‘large office’, ‘leasing opportunity’, ‘great location’, ‘good profile’ and similar generic captions.  Take a seriously long look at the property and lift your marketing message to the next level.
  2. Local area – Most buyers or tenants in the commercial property market will come from the local area.  The property investors and business owners understand what they need and how they can do it locally.  They understand prices, rents, and choices.  That is why your marketing campaign should be biased towards the local buyers and tenants.
  3. Copy that sells – You can help the promotional process by spending more time on your advertising copy and using words and phrases that help sell the message about the property.  There are some factors of attraction that are derived by using better words and phrases, so get some ideas from newspapers and magazines.  You can also look at other properties on the internet to determine what makes them more or less attractive from the marketing perspective.
  4. Headline – The headline that you use for any sale or lease situation should be well considered for the location and the target market.  Craft the headline around those two facts.
  5. Images – A high quality professional photograph will help capture the attention of your target market no matter where your advert is placed online or offline.  Get a full set of professional photographs to use with every good property where you have been exclusively appointed.
  6. Content is king – The content of your advertisement can be put together for the property; then do two other versions of the advert.  You can use different words, dot points, captions, layout, and targeted message.  Well created copy will also help you with search engine exposure on the Internet with the property.  Top agents use professional copywriters to enhance some listings before starting the marketing process.  It is an added cost to the property promotion and should be vendor paid.

When you accept and understand that property marketing is really an ‘art form’, you can take full advantage of these factors mentioned.  The results can very definitely be in generating more enquiries and creating a shorter time on market for the property.  That is a good thing for all concerned.

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