When it comes to most sales pitches for listings in commercial real estate today, the presentation you make will be competitive.  You will be up against a few other agents, all telling their version of what should be done with the property.  On that basis you only have a short time with the client to tell your story and make your pitch really ‘sexy’.

So what are the problems with today’s presentations for listings?  Here are the most common issues that I see:

  • Failure to understand the property and the client situation before the pitch is put together
  • Setting the target audience to attract in the property promotion
  • Too much generic ‘marketing fluff’ without a dedicated approach to attract a target audience of buyers or tenants as the case may be
  • Vague statements with real clarity for the client to ‘lock into’ and relate to how they will be helped

If you want to win a listing, you should focus on building some excitement in the presentation; I call it making the whole bundle more ‘sexy’.  Attraction occurs when a connection is made to solving the client’s property problem in a clear and direct way.

You can bring the 3 senses together as part of that attraction process.  By that I mean, sight, touch, and sound.  The greater the number of senses that you can activate in the client as part of the pitch, the easier it is to convert the listing.  Here is an example of how I would do that:

  1. Sight – Show the client you understand by using visuals including photos of their property, other competing properties, and graphs of trends in prices or rents as the case may be.
  2. Touch – Involve the client by giving them a selection of ‘hard copy’ marketing examples where they can ‘tick the boxes’ or make choices on formats, campaign strategy, and layout.
  3. Sound – Make clear recommendations about their property in the local market and the target audience of buyers or tenants using comparisons and stories about other challenges faced by similar clients.

You have got their attention.  Don’t you agree?

What you are doing here with these 3 simple strategies is take the clients property and make it a significant part of your presentation, far more so than most of your competitors.  Top agents take this extra level of interaction and connect with the client completely across all bases using all the senses.

The secret to winning a property presentation is in the involvement, relevance and realism that you create.  Bring all of the clients ‘senses’ into the sales pitch for the listing.