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Property Presentation Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will be pitching and presenting your services to different people and across different properties.  You will not win all of your competitive presentations, but you should win most of them. (NB – you can get more property presentation tips in our Snapshot program right here – its free)

Top agents usually convert over 70% of the listing presentations that they make.  At that level and with the best agents, conversions result from a particular process or system of ‘show and tell’.  It is always a good time to consider how you can improve your presentation and build the best levels of business contact with the people that you connect with.  You can learn from your own commercial property presentations and the experiences of others across different property situations.

Build on Relevance

Here are some proven ideas to help you with the ‘relevance factor’ in your property listing presentations.  Compare these ideas to what you do now and how it is displayed to the clients that you serve:

  1. Make the base connection at the start – When you start any pitch connection with your property owner and or client, start from a point of familiarity and understanding so they can see and hear that you really do know a lot about their property situation. Enter every property presentation from the point of view of the client and their property.
  2. Define the key issues for the client – Go into the property facts so that the key issues stand out as real and defined. When you do that and have the client’s agreement that you are on the right track, you can move towards your ideas and property solutions a lot easier.
  3. Use local property information and comparisons – Go into the facts about the local property market and the competing properties that you know are relevant to your client. There will be comparisons that you can talk about that will be valuable as local market evidence.   You can move your comments into prices, rents, time on market, inspection results, and enquiry generation.  These are all action KPI’s that are stages to refer back to your listing and its marketing.
  4. Have a few stories to tell – Stories engage the clients thinking particularly if you are the agent in the story, and you were the key person to bring about the property momentum and solutions. You can also use some negative stories in your pitch quoting the performance factors involving other competing agents; be careful that you remain professional in the process.
  5. Ask questions and seek comments – Every property presentation should be a conversation and something that engages the client. You are the best person to do that.  The property presentation is not about you; it is about the client, their situation, and your solutions.  Focus on that aspect in everything that you say and do.

Make every property presentation special and unique.  Connect with the client comprehensively using all the senses of sound, sight, and feel.  Engage them fully as you move through the marketing and negotiation solutions that you see are most important to their property outcomes.

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