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The Mechanics of a Perfect Property Presentation in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage and particularly with listing presentations you will have a limited amount of time to help the client understand the prevailing market conditions, your property recommendations, and the strategy behind your marketing campaign.  The quality of the content and the timing behind your property presentations are important factors to refine and improve.

You have only one opportunity to help the client move through those critical factors of property listing and marketing.  Your property listing presentation needs to be refined and improved at each and every opportunity so that you can lift your conversions.  Top agents convert listings at greater than 75%.  That should be your target.

Competing agents

Understanding that you will be competing with other agents and brokers with many of your commercial real estate listings, your property presentation should be of a higher level and quality in every respect.  What can you say and do as part of your property presentation to provide a higher level of client contact, recommendations, and systems?  Here are some ideas to help:

  1. YOUR FACTS AND RECORD AS A BROKER: Show the client your track record locally. Most clients like to know that they working with top agents for the location and property type.  You will need to prove your relevance to the client in that regard.  Testimonies will help as well as stories from the local property market with other listings.
  2. SHOW THE PICTURES AND TELL A STORY OR TWO: Use plenty of images and graphical charts that integrate the clients situation and challenge. It is a fact that top clients like to see things rather than read things.  The visual side of your property presentation is very important.  Get a good selection of property photographs relative to the listing so that you can use them when you talk to the client.  Those photographs can be installed on a laptop computer, or tablet computer.  The same rules apply when it comes to charts and strategies displayed on a chart.  Use the Gantt chart process as part of preparing for a client presentation.  The Gantt chart can contain a number of strategic issues important to the property listing as you see it today; the strategic issues can be displayed over an axis of time so that the client can see how you will be approaching the property listing and the strategy overall.
  3. WHATS HAPPENING: Provide comprehensive local property market information. Whilst the client likes to know about the listing and the solutions that you will apply to the property, they also need to know about other listings, the trends of enquiry, and the recent prices or rentals.  In conditioning the client to the prevailing market conditions, use plenty of photographs and statistics from the market.

So the message here is that a successful commercial real estate presentation is a combination of a number of things to help the client understand your ideas, the property market, and the alternatives that they have to move ahead.  Refine your property presentation so that the client can be fully informed in a relevant way, and make it easy for them to make a decision.  Provide clear recommendations and alternatives from which they can choose.

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