Take Your Best Shot In Article Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

Everyone knows about social media and many use it in some way or form. Online marketing is a concept that sits well in commercial real estate today. The important thing is that you do different things and consistently so to promote your business and your real estate offering. What are your targets in marketing? You […]


Best Technology for Realtors in Commercial and Retail Property

In commercial real estate brokerage, we have an array of communication tools and technologies that are just begging to be used.  Those tools and systems can save you time and effort, whilst greatly improving your client interactions; that then means the potential of growing your real estate business.  The trick here is to understand just […]

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Essential Blogging Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

Most commercial real estate brokers and agents are very ‘ordinary’ when it comes to personal marketing and promotion.  They just do the general things like advertising properties on the portals, and talking to people.  They then overlook the importance of online marketing as part of building their brand strategically; that is their brand for the […]

Article Marketing Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is important that every agent or broker has a specific marketing plan that they implement at a personal level.  That plan is designed to show the industry ‘players’ that the agent is relative and skilful in the local area.  The agent has to stand out as a specialist locally, […]


Brainstorm the Best Internet Marketing Solutions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When placing a property listing on the Internet for promotion (that is in the industry portals and on your website), the main focus should be to create engagement from and with the target audience.  A property for sale or for lease when advertised online should specifically be focusing on the target audience of buyers or […]


Growing Your Database Faster in Commercial Real Estate Agency

If you work as an agent or a broker in commercial real estate, you should well understand the importance of your database in building market share and a stable client base.  From your database just about all of your valuable leads and listings should evolve; it takes time but the process does work well. It […]

Open Your Ideas to On-line Marketing and Social Media in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate agency and brokerage, you can build your online presence efficiently and effectively when you focus your efforts in the right way.  The focus that you create should be on your property type, your speciality, and territory location. To do this you can create a list of words that reflect each of […]

Article Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

One of the most effective marketing tools you can use in building your online presence as a top real estate agent is in writing articles and submitting them to online article submission sites.  In saying that, there are some key ways to approach the process if you want the best success. Some agents will say, […]

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