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In commercial real estate brokerage, it is important that every agent or broker has a specific marketing plan that they implement at a personal level.  That plan is designed to show the industry ‘players’ that the agent is relative and skilful in the local area.  The agent has to stand out as a specialist locally, in a location where many agents are likely to be competing for the same business and listing opportunities.

Most new real estate business that any agent gets will come from the local area.  The personal marketing strategy helps with that process.  So what can any agent do that is special and unique to promote their skills?  Try the following logic.

Most investors and property owners today use the internet as a major tool of property enquiry, agent review, and property research.  If you could lift your profile online, would that be helpful to your image as a property specialist?  The answer is of course ‘yes’.

Don’t Be Ordinary

Most agents simply list properties online and put those listings on the industry portals.  It stands to reason that if you are listing more properties online in a regular way, then you will improve your levels of enquiry; that is an established and proven fact.   What I am suggesting here is that you do another special marketing process to add to the listings that you already have online.

The concept is called ‘Article Marketing’, and it is a common and easy way to lift your profile as a top agent or industry specialist for a location.  There are many ‘Article Directories’ on the internet where you can place useful and helpful information about property activity.

Article Directories Online

Choose a directory that is already highly ranking in itself within the top search engines (ie Google).  To test that fact use your search engine to see what comes up when you type ‘article directories’.  Usually you will get the top sites such as, or .  They are both suitable for this commercial real estate marketing approach.  Each article directory will have rules relating to placing articles.  Understand those rules before you write, as new articles will be declined if they break the rules or are of low quality.

If you are an industry specialist, you should be able to write simple articles about a property type in your location.  By writing about a property type in this way you are showing the search engines that you are someone that can help them solve an enquiry about property in a location.  If you write regular articles and place them on the same search engine, then your ranking on the search engines as a property specialist for the location is likely to escalate.

Here are some facts to remember:

  • Focus on local area – people search for property by location first and property type second.
  • Write about property types – delve into the specifics of a property type and write about how investment or property occupation can occur in that segment of the market.
  • Give useful tips – talk about the variances of investment, purchase, renting, sales, and improvements. When you look deeper into a property type there are always things you can talk about.
  • Link back to your website or blog – your article should have links back to your website. In that way any person that reads the article can go further to find out more.
  • Show that you are the expert – to allow the search engines to rank you higher, provide deeper information that is location based. Think about what a person would want help with when purchasing, renting, investing, selling, or developing property locally.
  • Social media integration – you probably have a social media strategy at work currently to integrate and spread your identity to the world. Write high quality articles and link your new articles into your social media such as,, and .

So the message here is quite simple in commercial real estate brokerage.  You can use article marketing as another tool to spread your skills and knowledge through the local property market and particularly so online.

Show the world that you are a property specialist.  As you write your articles, quote relevant facts and information about the local area and do so within property types.  The search engines will soon see you as someone that can help them with property information for a location.  That’s how you can lift your profile online as a top agent.

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